Lift&Slide Premidoor 76 ...

The PREMIDOOR PVC system is an in-line sliding system that allows you to create windows with a lifting mechanism for the sliding door, which can be used mainly on doors with large glazed surfaces.

The sliding doors, equipped with four chambers and a construction depth of 70 mm, can support glass up to 39 mm thick.

The strengths are: design versatility and the possibility of creating large doors that open and close very easily.

Technical data:

  • In-line sliding door with lifting mechanism of the door for sliding, mainly usable on doors with large glazed surfaces.
  • Thermally separated threshold, installation depth 168 mm “excellent isothermal curve”.
  • Sliding doors with four chambers and construction depth of 70mm. They can support glass up to 39mm thick.
  • Sealing classes with 48 mm PVC / aluminum thermal break threshold: – Air permeability: class 4 (EN 12207) – Water tightness: class 9A (EN 12208) – Resistance to wind load: class C2 (EN 12210 )
  • Uf value = 1.9 W / m2K.
  • Maximum weight of the sliding door 300 Kg.
  • Four-wheel sliding carriages made of special hard fiber with needle bearings.
  • Double-handle locks can be fitted on request.
  • Even doors with large surfaces open and close with extraordinary ease using the operating handle.



Range for Slidings:

Satin brass

Polished brass

Polished brass

Glasses ...

Bianchini Infissi offers a wide range of glasses, which guarantee excellent energy saving, solar protection, thermal and acoustic insulation, burglary resistance and security. In particular, the glass surfaces, in addition to respecting the regulations in force on the subject, offer solutions that adapt to the tastes of the most demanding customers and to the different architectural types.
In addition to having an important role for the technical aspect, glass is also fundamental for the aesthetics of a building.

Tuscan Style

Horizontal sleepers that can be of the same color as the frame. Technically, the glass is divided internally and the PVC strip is shown on the outside.

English Style

Aluminum strips inside the glass with colors similar to the frame. Vertical and horizontal style solutions can be created. On request you can have the brass color.

English Style Engraved

Engravings inside the glass, which create a bright and modern environment with the practicality of a smooth glass.

Venetian blinds inside the glass

The blinds are inserted inside the double glazing. They can be both sliding and adjustable with manual mechanism. On request also automated. Slats available in wide range of colors.


When it comes to colors, the requirements are very high.

This is why we focus all our efforts on research and development to ensure the highest quality.

All shades have a very high resistance to light, atmospheric agents and are scratchproof.

The profile cladding systems, in addition to the solid colors, offer a complete range of wood-like versions: “the warm design of wood associated with the longevity of PVC”.

With Bianchini Infissi you have the possibility to create two-tone windows, particularly suitable for renovations, which increase the expressive possibilities of the designer and customer satisfaction.