The installation is the operation that completes all the design and construction activities of the frame. Incorrect assembly can compromise the functionality of the fixtures over time. To keep faith with the customer’s expectations, Bianchini Infissi uses avant-garde techniques and materials so that the performance of the fixture can be found on site and not only on paper. For years now Bianchini, also in collaboration with partners in the sector, has been developing materials and installation techniques in line with the ever-increasing needs of thermal and acoustic insulation that the market requires. Constant training and a rigorous and careful selection of personnel allows Bianchini to offer an efficient installation service that respects the needs of customers.

For the installation of its doors and windows, Bianchini Infissi uses counter frames also designed for the preparation of (retractable) mosquito nets that make installation faster and improve their functional characteristics.



Correct installation of a window or door is essential.
An excellent window does not guarantee the promised performance if it is not properly installed.


Bianchini uses certified and high quality foams.

The fundamental factors of the foam are the elasticity and the volume of expansion, these characteristics allow it to be excellent insulators.
The more elastic the foam is, the more it adapts to expansion between the wall and the frame.


Through the aid of pre-compressed tape (600 PASCAL) it is possible to reach class 4 values for air permeability. The characteristic of self-expanding tapes is that they are impermeable to water but open to vapor diffusion.

User manual:

Bianchini Infissi provides the user and maintenance manual where you can find fundamental suggestions on how to make the most of the characteristics that a PVC window frame guarantees and keep all the window properties unchanged over time.

Window replacement ...

Live your home without any discomfort:
installation times are extremely fast!

The PVC windows and doors made by Bianchini Infissi allow, thanks to the renovation profiles, to easily replace old windows even without masonry work, leaving walls, tiles and upholstery clean.

The special structure of the profiles is designed and built to be able to adapt to all existing solutions and allows anchoring to the existing frame without having to remove it.

The ability and professionalism of our technicians allows us to find studied and customized solutions, in order to adapt to the characteristics of the property and better meet the customer’s needs.

Significantly and definitively improving the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home is easy, convenient and absolutely quick.

The installation of the new Bianchini windows makes both the increase in living comfort, in terms of climate and noise, and the economic savings for heating / cooling pleasant and immediately tangible.