Grado Tailgate ...

To allow perfect integration between the PVC window frame and classic or even rustic residential architectural situations, Bianchini Infissi has prepared a series of blinds that allow you to recover all the charm and flavor of the antique.

The GRADO system is characterized by thick PVC profiles.

In fact, they allow the creation of different types of the most traditional blinds.

This is the case, for example, of the Vicentina-style folding shutter, with the packaging inside the wall, or the Padovana-style one.

Both are equipped with special reinforcing elements arranged inside the profile and assembled together with screws to ensure extreme solidity and stability.

The GRADO system also makes it possible to create the classic shutters with full doors whose internal structure, provided with reinforcements mechanically joined together, offers an excellent guarantee of stability and non-deformability.

These are situations in which it is possible to combine the aesthetic aspects, which recall the past, with the technical and performance contents that only PVC is able to offer.

Technical data:

  • Profile systems for the creation of rustic shutters, folding shutters and folding outwards.
  • Closing with espagnolette, straps, straight or articulated.
  • Upon request, triple locking locks can be inserted.


Hardware blinds

Hardware shutters

Hardware security blinds

Special Shapes

The shape of the windows emphasizes the unique character of the building.
Bianchini Infissi produces windows with particular shapes: trapezoidal, triangular, arched and portholes.

Personalization and Creativity: Arched windows represent the right answer to classic and contemporary architectural projects for the most refined and sophisticated needs.

In the curved part of the fixtures a curved steel reinforcement is inserted inside the profile to ensure stability and durability over time.


When it comes to colors, the requirements are very high.

This is why we focus all our efforts on research and development to ensure the highest quality.

All shades have a very high resistance to light, atmospheric agents and are scratchproof.

The profile cladding systems, in addition to the solid colors, offer a complete range of wood-like versions: “the warm design of wood associated with the longevity of PVC”.

With Bianchini Infissi you have the possibility to create two-tone windows, particularly suitable for renovations, which increase the expressive possibilities of the designer and customer satisfaction.