For technical bureaus ...

In over 40 years of activity Bianchini Infissi has acquired the ability to interpret the most advanced architectural thought and from it to create, with its engineering background and technical experience, high-tech fixtures, coatings and curtain walls.

Thanks to a careful choice of the best materials, Bianchini creations are of the highest quality and inalterability over time.

With the experience gained over the years, Bianchini Infissi places itself, in the design and construction phase of PVC and aluminum frames, curtain walls and claddings, in a central position with respect to all the professionals who alternate in the production process of the architectural element , playing a role of reference.

The exclusive use of systems patented by us, efficient, innovative and with high technological content, allows us to be at the forefront and to obtain the highest quality results.

Bianchini Infissi constantly invests in research and development regarding thermal and acoustic insulation, management of thermal bridges in buildings, air recirculation, fixing techniques and the training of qualified technical personnel. The good performance result of the fixtures is due not only to the construction and installation of the same, but to a careful and effective design of the anchoring node and the right choice of sealing systems. These topics must be addressed already in the design phase of the walls or curtain walls. For this reason Bianchini Infissi has been carrying out constant consultancy activities for years with the technical studies, aimed at exporting its know-how and putting it at the service of those who will have to design the entire building envelope.

Greenline adds value to PVC windows

Thanks to its unique properties, PVC is known and recognized as one of the most suitable materials for making windows and doors. With Greenline, the potential of PVC is further enhanced, making the decision in the choice of materials for windows even easier.

Thanks to stabilization with Greenline, PVC windows become even more ecological , thus optimizing the environmental balance in a sustainable way.
Obviously, all PVC windows and doors made with Greenline stabilized profiles offer an excellent contribution in terms of protection from atmospheric agents and, thanks to the insulating characteristics of PVC, a better thermal insulation.

Greenline offers environmental support and therefore added value for all – as standard and at no additional cost. With Greenline, PVC convinces even more, thanks to the already known advantages of the material: long resistance and durability, minimum maintenance and excellent value for money.

With Greenline, you choose a product that ensures value and sustainability for windows and your home, for you and for future generations.
Windows stabilized with Greenline are exemplary resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays and are therefore particularly durable.
The surface quality of satin finish PVC profiles requires very little maintenance and remains “stable” for many years.