Domal Garden ...

Domal Garden PA is the line of verandas made with extruded profiles in aluminum alloy EN AW 6060 according to UNI 9006/1 in the state of supply T6, with dimensional tolerances according to standards EN 12020/2.

The Domal Garden PA system includes both profiles and accessories useful for the construction of mobile verandas with folding opening.

The profiles are of the insulated type, having the shape composed of two extrusions mechanically connected and thermally separated by means of plastic strips which reduce the heat exchange between the metal masses.

Technical data:

  • Extruded alloy profiles: EN AW 6060
  • Delivery condition: T6
  • Dimensional tolerances and thicknesses: EN 12020/2
  • Type of seal: air – water – wind
    Between fixed frame and moving frames (doors), perimeter rabbet gasket and open joint
    Between moving frames (doors), double compression seal positioned only vertically
  • Glass insertion with glazing bead: snap application
  • Base dimensions:
    fixed frame 67.5 mm, mobile frame (door) 60 mm
    Height of the glass seat fin 20 mm (net height)
    Space for glass and panel variable from 23 to 37 mm