“In a globalized world, no project is too far away for us, our skills allow us to meet the most demanding challenges and ensure success everywhere.”

About us ...

Founded in 1974, Bianchini Infissi began its activity in the field of aluminum frames, immediately attracted the attention of the market for the accuracy of its products and for the professionalism of its technicians.

In 1984 the production of PVC frames was also started, a courageous choice in an area where wood traditionally plays a leading role.

The company manages to make customers understand the usefulness of PVC windows that guarantee their static immutability and their resistance to atmospheric weather, thermal insulation but above all the total absence of maintenance over time.

Quality and constant research reward with the most important result: the loyalty of the customers who appreciate the realization of the products, the efficiency of the services and the professionalism of the technicians who take care of the personalization and uniqueness of each intervention.

All this happens thanks to the modernization and automation of production plants, the use of high quality raw materials and the constant search for cutting-edge products.

The technological innovation and experience of the entrepreneur Carlo Bianchini contribute to a higher quality standard as of conventional products.

The possibility of having two materials that are not in competition with each other (PVC and Aluminum) allow us to satisfy a wider clientele: Bianchini boasts numerous achievements in all areas, from civil and industrial construction to construction for both private and public.

The dedicated internal technical offices, PVC and Aluminum, design and manufacture traditional and high-level fixtures, traditional and innovative facades, structural, ventilated facades in various materials, stone, brick and / or metal cladding for buildings, integrated systems for production of energy .

Bianchini Infissi constantly invests in research and development and the patents and certifications that have been obtained over the years bear witness to this.

The love and passion for our work lead us to perceive the overall and the particular as well as continuous innovation.

Mission ...

For over 40 years Bianchini Infissi has been working daily with passion and professionalism in the field of doors and windows to achieve a specific goal: the satisfaction of each individual customer.

Bianchini Infissi dedicates ample space to training both its employees and its technicians, in order to provide the customer with highly specialized and trained, professional and competent personnel to carry out projects and recommend the most appropriate technical and aesthetic solutions, to guarantee a service of the highest quality and flawless products.

The production cycle of doors and windows is subjected daily to continuous and strict quality controls both on the automated positions and in the more artisanal ones mainly dedicated to special pieces.

Our automated, cutting-edge and technologically advanced production lines allow us to optimize production times and create high-level products.

Our company has always had the goal of creating products of the highest quality, with refined aesthetics and high technical performance.

To meet the multiple needs of the market, we have a wide range of shapes and colors, both solid and two-tone and a wide variety of wood effect, so that each intervention can be customized.

“In un mondo globalizzato nessun progetto è per noi troppo distante, le nostre competenze ci permettono di raccogliere le sfide più impegnative e assicurare il successo in ogni luogo.”

Vision ...

“The fixtures as a frame of your life and the environment that surrounds you.”
Windows are on the one hand an element of safety and lighting, capable of providing comfort and protection from the elements, on the other an element of opening to the outside, a link between man and the surrounding world.

Committing to the environment is our corporate responsibility.

Our factories are based on an ecological production style, being equipped with photovoltaic systems that draw the energy of the sun to generate electricity.

In this sense we resort to sustainable practices, using processes that leave the environment unchanged, constantly monitoring our performance throughout the entire supply chain, giving particular importance to the prevention of pollution and the reduction of waste.

Bianchini Infissi therefore strives to give its customers a high-level product, high quality and eco-sustainable performance, as well as elegance and aesthetic comfort.

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