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Why choosing PVC

for its silence…

PVC windows and doors are an important protection from external noise pollution. In addiction to that, the seals absorb the glass vibrations and the multi-chamber profile stops sound waves, so the result is a very high level of sound insulation, which is enhanced by the use of the appropriate type of glass.

to reduce maintenance…
PVC windows and doors don’t require special care. The costs to maintain unchanged their performances of functionality and safety are minimized. There is no need of periodic repainting or renovations, but only a simple cleaning with water and an ordinary soap.

for wind resistance…
Due to their structural characteristics, PVC windows provide a solid barrier against the mechanical force of the wind. Bianchini systems bear the wind’s dynamic stresses on the building, even the strongest ones, without any permanent deformation.

to save energy…
Reducing energy consumption is no longer just a personal matter, but it is an expression of our collective responsability to protect the environment. PVC frames are an excellent barrier between the outside and the inside. The thermal insulation of Bianchini systems prevents condensation and improves performance in terms of comfort and energy saving.

to protect against rain…
PVC does not absorb water and the heat-welded corners make the window a solid body without joints. The particular shape of the profile ensures proper run-off of rain. The profile evacuates infiltrations through drainage chambers and the water tightness is guaranteed even under the most adverse weather conditions.

to defend against fire…
PVC is a fire-retardant polymer because it contains in its structure 57% of chlorine. In fact, the presence of chlorine, a highly flame-retardant substance, significantly improves the PVC’s fire resistance, allowing it to slow down the propagation of flames.

Substantial savings on heating costs:
the high level of insulation can reduce the emissions of harmful substances.

Absence of maintenance:
PVC frames are easy to clean and do not need periodic repainting.

Absolute efficiency over time:
Thermal and mechanical qualities of the PVC profile remain unchanged over the time.

Made-to-measure elegance:
A wide range of products that satisfies all requirements of construction and design.

Compliance with standards:
the best quality-price ratio in the respect of the National Energetic Plan norm (law 10-9/01/91), current law.

The PVC used for windows construction is an eco-friendly material. This material is mainly composed by available common salt, its recovery and its recycling have reached very high levels.