About us


catalogo_0“In a globalized world no project is too far away for us, our expertise allows us to meet the toughest challenges and ensure success in every place.”

Established in 1974, Bianchini Infissi began producing Aluminium and its meticulously crafted products and professionalism quickly caught the market’s attention.
In 1984 the company began producing PVC doors and windows, a bold decision for an area where wood was the traditional material of choice.
The company lets customers understand the advantages of PVC that guarantees durability, resistance to the weather conditions, thermal insulation and, most of all, the fact that they are maintenance free.
Quality and constant research reward the company with the most important result: a loyal customer base that appreciates the products, the efficiency of services, and the professionalism of the technicians, which look after the personalisation of each job.
These results are possible thanks to the modernisation and the automation of the production facilities, the utilisation of high quality raw materials and the constant research of products at the forefront.
The technological innovation and the experience of the entrepreneur Carlo Bianchini contribute to a higher qualitative standard.
The possibility of having two products not in competition with each other (PVC and Aluminium) allow to satisfy a larger customer base: Bianchini boasts many installations in all areas, from civil and industrial construction to constructions for private and public facilities.
The technical offices for PVC and Aluminium design and produce high performing traditional windows and doors, traditional and innovative continuous facades, ventilated curtain walls made of a variety of materials, stone, brick and/or metal claddings for buildings and integrated systems for energy production.
Bianchini Infissi constantly invests in research and development and, as an evidence, there are patents and certifications obtained through the years.
Love and passion for our work allow us to take both overall and detailed view, together with continuous innovation.