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In over 40 years of activity, Bianchini Infissi learned to interpret the most advanced architectural thought and from it realise, through its engineering and technical expertise, windows and doors, claddings and curtain walls with high technological content. Thanks to a careful selection of the best materials, our realisations have the highest quality and durability over time. Thanks to the experience gained over the years Bianchini Infissi places itself, in the process of designing and production of PVC and Aluminium doors and windows, curtain walls and claddings, in a central position among the various professional roles that alternate in the production process of the architectural element, serving as a reference. The usage of our exclusive patented systems, efficient and innovative with high technological content, allow Bianchini to be in the forefront and achieve the maximum quality results.
Bianchini Infissi invests constantly in research and development for what concerns thermic and acoustic insulation, the management of thermal bridge of a building, the air recirculation, the fixing techniques and the training of qualified technical staff. The performance result of windows and doors is due to their construction and installation, but also to attentive designing of the anchor node and to the right choice of sealing systems. These subjects have to be faced during the designing phase. For this reason, Bianchini Infissi plays a consultancy work with the technical studies, to export its know-how and put it at the service of those who have to design the building. Examples in this sense are the seminar at the Architecture University of Florence, the forming meeting with the College of Surveyors of Perugia, training days and the daily contact with all operators working in the building world.



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