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In 40 years of activity, Bianchini Infissi learned to interpret the most advanced architectural thought and from it realise, through its engineering and technical expertise, works in aluminium, steel and glass with high technological content. Thanks to a careful selection of the best materials, our realisations have the highest quality and durability over time.
Bianchini Infissi places itself, in the process of designing and production of curtain walls, claddings and aluminium doors and windows, in a central position among the various professional roles that alternate in the production process of the architectural element. With the experience gained through the years, we are able to serve as a reference, as the project manager in the process of integrated design of the work. Love for our work and continuous innovation allow us to take both overall and detailed view, producing with passion: traditional and high performing windows and doors, traditional and innovative curtain walls, ventilated facades made of a different materials, stone, brick and/or metal claddings for buildings, integrated systems for energy production. Moreover, we use our exclusive patented systems, efficient and innovative with high technological content, that allow Bianchini to be in the forefront and achieve the maximum quality results.
The interventions of energetic retraining for industrial buildings are object of tax deduction, one more reason for giving a new shape and uniqueness to your company’s image.
“A new made-to-measure dress for your building”