Brise soleil


Brise soleil is an essential element in the design of your home. Always placing at the top priority the human natural need for daylight and protection from the excessive heat, our brise soleil are the result of a careful study designed to provide excellent levels of shadowing, to allow a rigorous adjustment of the light and to provide a comfortable and repaired home. Lights, shadows, transparencies can be adjusted as you prefer with our attractive and sophisticated brise soleil, in perfect harmony with the style of the building and with an aesthetic effect that gives value to the architecture.
Brise soleil for external with an upper folding attachment, made of high resistance rigid strips in aluminium alloy, pre-painted with polyester paint, with a bow shape, with special ribs on both sides and soundproof gaskets on the inside of the outer edge. Lifting and lowering of the slats by roller chain, patented system of automatic closure in the lowered position and safety device against the lifting from the outside in any position. Possibility of having a single-phase motorized control 230 V- 50 Hz, IP44 placed in the box in galvanized steel, with thermal protection, electromagnetic brake, integrated automatic limit switch. Silent operation. No maintenance required. Ideal for residential construction.