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Why choosing Aluminium


The aluminum is light and stable
Aluminium is a light metal, thanks to its low specific weight of 2.7. For this reason the construction costs are in the unrefined phase very low. Its resistance is high and can be calculated with precision. It is the ideal material for the construction of windows and doors and facades of large dimensions.

The aluminum is recyclable
It can be fused indefinitely with a limited consumption of energy. The more it is recycled, the more economic it is.

The aluminum is fire resistant
if used in combination with suitable insulating materials, it can be used for the construction of fire resistant doors for 30 minutes.

The Alluminium is ecologic
and in no way harmful for the environment. In fact, even in case of fire, it doesn’t release any substances harmful for the environment.

The aluminum is the material of the future
because it is almost entirely recyclable, and it offers to the architecture a unique creative variety of shapes and colours.

The aluminum is durable and valuable
because it doesn’t corrode or deteriorates. The construction components withstand a lifetime without maintenance. The outer surface always remains as the first day.

The aluminium is design oriented
Therefore it is a material to be used in modern architecture, adaptable to all forms of colour, traditional and modern.